Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Surrogate MDF guitars, vinyl backdrop Music library, sound system, group activity
2004, Tianguis del Chopo, Mexico City
2008, Mash Up, USF Contemporary Art Museum Tampa
El Tianguis del Chopo is a street market in Mexico City where every Saturday, punks, goths, emos, head bangers, and other rock-related tribes meet to swap and sell records, all dressed up for the occasion. I fabricated a series of sculptures in the shape of electric guitars.

I also had a sound system and a color background that I changed according to the style of the volunteer performer. They chose the song and guitar most in tune with their style. The principle is similar to karaoke, but here one performs by playing the prop-guitar and closes with the ultimate rock star fantasy—the cathartic ritual of smashing the guitar into pieces. In this exercise, I strove to create a space in which violence was an exercise of style.