Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Wall installation, 300 drawings mounted over wood panel.
Iterations: Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle. Seattle Art Museum
The site for this assignment was a sixty-foot long wall. I started working with a selection of drawings that were re-painted in a large format, then mounted on board and cut along their silhouettes in order to emulate pieces from a giant collage. An axonometric grid provided a virtual field of action for a set of characters, buildings and events which played as actors of a hypothetical landscape.

This collage system allow to re-arrange and install in a diferent order or site. The first installation took place in the park pavillion of the Seattle Art Museum in 2006. Two years later, the mural was moved to a downtown venue. When asked for instructions on how to re-install the piece, I requested the museum to find a local designer who would make a “remix” of it. This version, currently on display, has proved in my opinion to be much better than the first installation, which is a metaphor of an open-source procedure in the making of an art piece.