Pedro Reyes - Artist
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SANATORIUM. Instruction piece, therapy.
Stillspotting, Guggenheim Museum, NY
This activity is centered on a scale model of a hypothetical museum; you are about to see your entire life as an exhibition from the cradle to the grave, both a prospective and retrospective including your future and your past.

On the shelves you will find a large collection of small objects. They represent as completely as possible a cross-section of inanimate and animate beings which we encounter in the external world as well as in the inner imaginative world: trees, plants, stones, marbles, wild and domesticated animals, ordinary women and men pursuing various activities, soldiers, fairytale figures, religious figures from diverse cultural spheres, houses, fountains, bridges, ships, vehicles, etc.

Try to illustrate each moment of your life by selecting objects from the shelves. Arrange these small figures in the same way sculptures and paintings are arranged in a gallery. Your therapist plays the role of the museum's curator. If you wish, you can explain what you are doing or wait until the end. They can clarify how some galleries are supposed to be used; however, the rules are simple and you are the artist. Your vision is what counts.

Key to the Galleries of the museum:

1) The Cradle
2) The Father
3) The Mother
4) Grandmother
5) Grandfather
6) Grandmother
7) Grandfather
8) Play space -shrinking
9) Education -growing
10) Youth
11) Workspaces -career
12) Personal Life
13) Unused potential
14) Death (exit)