Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Fiberglass and steel
Having three loops this chair is next step from the moebius strip. It is inspired in a piece of furniture I once saw called gossip chair, a 19 century object in the shape of a helix where two persons sit and a third one may overheard the conversation.

The moebius strip as a metaphor can be related to an encounter with a topological Twist:

a) it would be necessary to travel across the full length of the strip to find yourself in the exactly opposite side where you began.
b) Every point is reachable as long as we are willing to walk far enough.

With three loops this condition becomes a bit more entangled. The name, Gordian Knot reffers toa n aneadote when Alexander The Great was faced with the challenge of a knot so complicated no one had ever solved before.

He decided to “solve” the knot taking his sword and cutting through as saying that was his answer.