Pedro Reyes - Artist
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Wood structure and Styrofoam
Bahia de Rincón, Puerto Rico
The sea and the desert have something in common. They are wide undulating infinities. Perhaps it is the impossibility of fixing your gaze on a single detail that makes them so abstract. On the shores, you often find signs of civilization but beyond lies planet earth. Facing untouched earthscapes often makes you feel extraterrestrial. Sunsets on the sea suggest to me the following associations: mythological wars, stoned teenagers, transmigration of souls, sexual fantasies and lost civilizations. Facing the sun, I have had amusing epiphanies. For instance, realizing that the sound of the sea might be the single sound that has existed without interruption forever, even before any living creature had ears to listen. Actually such sound describes, according to my experience, a panneau moving from left to right.

Once I managed to hypnotize myself focusing on that sound, I felt each shhhooooaaaaaahhh was like wind turning the pages of a book, which was my own face. Being in this state for a whole week was like reading a long novel.

To make a piece for this enticing moment one needs a form that is universal, ideal, simple, mysterious and concrete: a Pyramid. Unlike concepts, symbols are beyond textual interpretation. This is a Floating Pyramid and, according to its own character, it will make us travel to unknown dimensions.