Pedro Reyes - Artist
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(in progress)
Concrete, stone, vegetation
Monterrey, N.L. México
On ocassion of Mexico’s bicentennial celebrations the city of Monterrey organized a competition for a memorial plaza. I submitted a proposal which was awarded the first prize and is currently under development. In the site 80% of the surface will be devoted to an urban forest. The other 20% is a sculpture work 100 mt long, which consist of 100 monolithic walls, each wall measuring 6x6 m. Every wall features a series of perforations so the sculpture can be walked from one end to the other as well as crossways.

The sculpture is not only an object to be seen, where citizens are spectators, but rather a stage where they become actors. Each hole in the slabs is like a window framing the action in the place, so even involuntary acts seem part of choreography. Two spaces in the structure are specifically arranged to magnify this effect, presenting opportunities for different kind of scenic arts.

This sequence of slabs presents some analogies: geological stratums, pages from a book, years in time, etc. It is a metaphor of history as human movement can connect a sequence of spaces.